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CBRE combines international capital requirements with local market knowledge, thereby offering ideal conditions for an investment in Germany.


Placing international investments with pin-point accuracy 

Property investments are still an attractive proposition but they require a detailed examination of trends in the various asset classes in the local markets. International capital requirements also play a significant role in investment decision-making.

The German real estate market is one of the world’s most important investment destinations, and its comparatively high investment volumes provide fertile ground for innumerable interactions between global investment players. The robust banking environment supports both small and large-volume transactions. So a well-balanced, global property portfolio is typically complemented by assets from the German market. Language barriers have long since been overcome, and all investment services culminating in the conclusion of a successful transaction can be provided in several languages without a problem.

A detailed examination of the market is becoming increasingly important

The variance between the different asset classes and business models has increased significantly. This is why a close examination of markets and products is now more important than ever. As a  real estate services provider with a global network, we are the first port of call when it comes to international real estate investment. Our team of experts has in-depth market knowledge and access to the CBRE Cross-Border Group network. This means  nothing stands between you and your successful entry into the market. 

Challenges in the German real estate market

In contrast to most European countries, Germany is multi-centred and boasts numerous interesting cities and conurbations offering a multitude of attractive investment options. Whether international investors are planning to enter the market in Berlin, Frankfurt,  Munich or in other cities, and whether their investment will be smaller or larger, we support our clients with advice based on our many years of experience and nationwide market knowledge. Our team combines international capital requirements with local expertise, offering ideal conditions for an investment in Germany:

  1. Optimal knowledge of the German real estate market
  2. Seamless access to local markets 
  3. Access to all relevant data
  4. Knowledge of international capital requirements
  5. Support throughout the entire purchase and sale process for both small-scale and high-volume investments

International investments – from Germany to the whole world

We are locally represented worldwide: our International Investment team is at your disposal for real estate investments outside Germany. As part of the CBRE Global Capital Group, we work closely with our local colleagues in each country. This allows us to offer our clients seamless access to all the relevant markets and so-called global gateway cities.

Internationales Investment

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