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Sustainability & Energy Efficiency

CBRE treats sustainable corporate governance as a holistic task. Our strategies will bring you long-term benefits and value growth.

Society's environmental awareness and, most importantly, regulatory requirements, mean that sustainability and ESG have arrived in the real estate industry and are here to stay.
We are glad and rather proud that we seized on this issue many years ago and are now one of the real estate industry’s largest consulting companies in this field, with over 100 experts in Europe, including more than 20 in Germany. We offer our clients the following expertise and services to help them progress in the field of sustainability and ESG:

  • ESG due diligence in transactions
  • ESG appraisals of existing properties and portfolios
  • Taxonomy-based assessments of new and existing properties
  • BREEAM, DGNB and/or LEED green building certification of new and existing properties
  • Energy analyses and climate protection roadmaps 

Nowadays, companies are required to act sustainably. Stricter legal requirements, technological progress and a growing environmental awareness within society pose major challenges for property owners and occupiers. If they make the right choices in terms of sustainability and ESG, they can meet these requirements and turn them into benefits. Sustainable action can also have a beneficial effect on a company’s image. At CBRE, we guide owners and occupiers in the implementation of sustainability goals for their real estate at all stages of its life cycle. We do so by closely dovetailing our market knowledge and technical and process expertise, and adding in economic evaluation. Our experts advise clients on all aspects of sustainability in real estate - from green building certification to the implementation of sustainability strategies.

Sustainability and energy efficiency

With more than 100 sustainability experts in Europe, we are one of the real estate industry’s largest ESG consultancies. Our projects ensure not only that ESG targets and deadlines are met, but also that sustainability and energy efficiency targets are achieved, and that the relevant contracts and policies are set up and adhered to. This can include, for example, certifying new and existing buildings, and also refurbished buildings, in accordance with recognised assessment standards such as DGNB, LEED and BREEAM. 

Sustainability and energy efficiency in acquisitions

We advise owner-occupiers on the acquisition, and tenants on the leasing of space and real estate. This can include specific ESG requirements such as taxonomy, but also leasing properties with a recognised sustainability certificate or specified minimum performance standards. Our clients are provided with an active risk management tool.

Reporting on the sustainability of commercial real estate

For us, sustainability goes beyond responsible construction, or acquiring sustainable and energy-efficient buildings for occupiers in the market. Existing real estate portfolios also need to be operated and used sustainably to safeguard the world for future generations, both environmentally and economically. The sustainability and energy efficiency strategies can be implemented either by routine sustainability reports or by analysing specific corporate processes. In the case of larger commercial real estate portfolios, we conduct cross-property benchmarking and ESG rating exercises which can focus on corporate and real estate market-related goals.

Additional advice on sustainability and energy efficiency

When analysing the life cycle of a property, we examine its impact in terms of sustainability and energy efficiency. We also advise our clients on how sustainability and energy efficiency can be integrated directly into facility and property management. In so doing, we help put the right management services in place and offer support with IT data.

We can advise you on all aspects of sustainability and energy efficiency. Let’s work together to reduce carbon emissions and energy costs in the properties you use, and achieve a long-term increase in the value of your company through sustainability gains.

Our Leadership Team

  • Thorsten Huff

    Senior Director | Head of ESG – Sustainability Services

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