Sustainability and the Environment


As the largest real estate service provider in the world, we have both the opportunity and the responsibility to make sustainable contributions to society. 
Office properties are responsible for a significant proportion of today’s worldwide CO2 emissions, and as a globally active real estate service provider we, therefore, see it as our responsibility to make a contribution – both for ourselves and for our clients. We advise our clients on the implementation of sustainability goals and on the efficient reduction of their CO2 emissions. In addition, when working with new constructions, conversions and redevelopments, we make sure to encourage sustainability and the use of environmentally friendly materials. 
With sustainable resource management, a variety of recruitment initiatives including employee training and cooperation with universities and academic institutes, we promote and continuously work to improve sustainability within our company. 
In addition, our sustainability measures help reduce the negative environmental effects of real estate and therefore make a positive contribution to the environment and society in general. 
As the world’s largest real estate service provider, we want to be a positive example in the field of sustainability and set the standard for other real estate companies to follow. We see it as our duty to make the earth a little greener and make a sustainable contribution to environmental protection. 

An Overview of Further Sustainability Measures:


  • Real Green Research Challenge
    We continue to take a leading role in our industry thanks to our cooperation with partners and academic institutions in the field of green initiatives.
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