We offer our national and international customers best-in-class asset management for their real estate. In this task, we place emphasis on active and value-oriented asset management, with in-depth expertise and many years of experience in managing properties in the asset classes of office, retail, logistics, hotels and shopping centers. 

Our excellent teams in the field of real estate asset management implement solutions tailored to our clients and always act in their best interest, which sets the benchmark for everything we do. As we operate as part of CBRE’s European and global Asset Services, we are in a position to offer premium services in asset management also to real estate owners investing on a nationwide scale. 

Real estate asset management

Our skilled employees work together with our clients to develop concepts that rigorously reflect their special requirements and investment strategies, while keeping a close eye on the value of the properties. The core of our asset management consists of performing owner functions, which forms the focus of all our activities. We view asset management as a broad-based service tailored to the respective property and delivered in the context of the operational management of our clients’ real estate holdings. We can provide both strategic and operational asset management. 

Enhancing performance

We have a proven track record in enhancing the performance of properties and portfolios in our real estate asset management. Our core competences also include the development and implementation of the respective strategies. Profitability and performance analyses as well as the optimization of portfolios are some of the services that we deliver as part of our real estate asset management for our clients. 

Leasing concepts

Increasing our clients’ income from real estate is accorded the highest priority. We draw up the corresponding leasing concepts that we then consistently implement. We conduct regular gap analyses in order to promote the performance of a property. Based on the extensive experience of our team, additional appropriate measures are developed with a view to achieving the  goals envisaged. We find right leasing approach for our clients and ensure that costs are optimized. We also take over the preparations for buying and selling and create and maintain data rooms.

Overseeing property managers

The tasks that our asset managers discharge in the field of real estate asset management also include the active planning, management, implementation and controlling of all processes that affect the value of a property. This also includes the overseeing of external service providers, for instance, as well as preparing forecasts for the properties and portfolios of our clients. During the management process, we take measures to sustainably raise the value of properties and assume the task of overseeing property management and controlling. 

Sale of real estate 

Our experienced experts are also able to advise and support our clients through a sales process to achieve an optimal result for them here as well.

We guarantee comprehensive and sustainable service for our clients in all tasks involving professional real estate asset management.

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