A general concern of companies is to have a commercially viable and profitable real estate portfolio. An efficient, forward-looking and successful real estate strategy is therefore crucial. We enable our clients to achieve a synthesis between technical and conceptual feasibility and the requirements of a real estate market, and thus to identify and optimize the development potential of their real estate holdings and to generate value.

We assist companies in streamlining their real estate holdings and offer optimal real estate strategies and solutions tailored to their requirements: from the development of a real estate strategy, particularly for properties not required for operational purposes, right through to final implementation.

Optimal building stock for enhancing the value of a real estate portfolio

We compile data on the relevant properties and develop a strategy for optimizing our clients’ building stock. We use the data recorded and the analysis of their portfolios to distinguish between properties that are necessary for operations and those that are not and carry out measures to optimize space. Servicing the properties is carried out in the context of a strategic consultation. We develop the best possible possible follow-up use of your holdings, while safeguarding and increasing the value of your properties. In this context, consolidating company premises is also investigated and the relevant measures implemented with a view to reducing costs and optimizing earnings.

Utilization of non-core properties in the real estate portfolio

We draw up cost-effective exit strategies for our customers if they have properties that are not required for operational purposes. With this in mind, we negotiate lease terminations, oversee project developments or sell these properties on behalf of our customers. As the world’s largest services provider in the commercial sector, with 450 offices spanning the globe, we can provide you with premium support based on our knowledge of the respective market and expertise in the commercial exploitation of key as well as peripheral locations.

We would be pleased to advise you on your real estate portfolio and reveal its potential. Get in touch with us and make an appointment.

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