Shopping centers belong to the asset class that expects to see the greatest changes in the coming years. As a specialist in the field of shopping center management, we occupy a unique position as the only real estate service provider in the competitive arena that has the possibility of offering all the necessary services from one source. We ensure economic success in our shopping center management through continuous enhancement, as well as through optimizing space on an ongoing basis, flanked by sector-related and retail concepts. 

Value-oriented shopping center management

Our strengths include the development of leasing concepts, leasing coordination, as well as ensuring the best possible sector mix. Our unique shopping center management excels in its active and valued-oriented management. We manage real estate and portfolios for national and international clients. Along with tailored solutions, we undertake the management of individual properties as well as of whole property portfolios. We have been represented in all successful trading locations in Germany for many years through our shopping centre management and through our international team of retail professionals in all prosperous trading markets across the globe as well. 

Along with end-to-end standard center management, our experts offer our clients one-stop-shop full commercial centre management. We even have our own specialist to take care of the financing of larger investment undertakings. In addition, our professionals have extensive experience in refurbishing shopping centers and can produce an impressive track record. 

Enhacing shopping center appeal

Growth in online trading is also putting pressure on shopping centers. Along with shopping facilities, centers are therefore increasingly turning to lifestyle solutions. With new offerings, such as lifestyle cooking, high-profile gastronomy, sophisticated yoga courses right through to theatres, we therefore ensure that unused space on the upper floors also contributes to making a center more attractive. 

Professional parking garage management also belongs to our range of services. For many customers and visitors, the parking garage is the first port of call in the center and their first impression. The integration of cutting-edge, digital technologies can make the parking garage an increasingly important and central part of overall shopping center management. 

In addition, we also progress the process of digital transformation in shopping centers. We take care to promote the center’s appeal centre through apps and W-LAN, for instance, through using the possibilities of technologies such as iBeacon for actively managing the offering, and address the issue of analyzing customer footfall. 

All strategies and measures are always focused on the property and its sustainable development. We take this as a basis to develop individual service packages for our clients. Furthermore, we create marketing concepts and assume the organization and support of advertising associations as well as public relations.


We opt for sophisticated strategies in shopping center management to enhance a center’s performance and increase its yield. We optimize sales density and can offer invaluable experience aimed at revitalizing shopping centers in particular. With the aid of the ongoing creative development of interesting campaigns, we ensure the visible revitalization of a shopping centre as a successful brand in the locality.

Shopping center concept development

Together with our clients, we develop exciting and engaging retail concepts that have already turned many shopping centers into unique and successful shopping paradises offering new realms of experience. Our customers can rest assured that their interests have top priority in everything we do, from leasing concepts, measures to revitalize shopping centers and make them more attractive.

Our services are designed for many customer groups. For example, our team of retail specialists provides a range of different consulting and services for owners, property developers and leading chain stores in all aspects of using retail space. 

Consulting & research

We can provide highly professional consulting in all matters concerning the development, management and use of retail property, especially market and location analyses to support, for instance, the expansion and optimization of store systems. With our wealth of experience in research, we draw up usage concepts and feasibility studies, property analyses and marketing strategies for our clients. 

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