CBRE guides contracting entities in the development of the best technical solutions for real estate projects. A variety of systemic approaches, geared both for the project and the property in question, are necessary for residential buildings, commercial real estate and specialized properties such as hospitals or shopping centers. A wide variety of issues may arise, and engineering and construction know-how are required to resolve them. Our spectrum of services covers every aspect of the engineering process, from system development to technical controlling and fire protection.

Engineering for Properties

Buildings must always be regarded as complex technical systems. They must be fine-tuned for the requirements of the user and must comply with legal requirements – even those that are expected in the future. The quality and the condition of the technical building services have a decisive impact on the value of a building, and we, therefore, make all of our technical expertise available to our clients for implementation in their residential, commercial and specialized property projects. We ensure that buildings are safe for use, environmentally sustainable and always in optimal technical condition.

With regard to sustainability, the technical requirements have become more demanding in recent years. Our engineering specialists are experts in the most economically efficient implementation of these technical requirements, and this expertise is available to our clients during consultancy and within the framework of our various engineering services.

The value of existing properties can be increased with technical modernization and restoration. We support our clients with the implementation of fire protection measures and the renovation of piping systems. New building developments – both residential and commercial – are prepared for a long life cycle from the beginning of the technical planning phase. 

Commercial Real Estate Expertise

Depending on the intended purpose of the building in question, technical controlling always involves very specific tasks. For commercial real estate, compliance with numerous regulations must be ensured. For every building, steps must be taken from the technical planning phase onwards to ensure that it will fulfill the long-term requirements of its users. We, therefore, pursue a variety of systemic approaches, and in the technical planning phase, we always bear the entire life cycle of the property in mind.

Last but not least; as well as architecture and design, reliable engineering also contributes to the aesthetic value of a structure, which is, in turn, a factor in the subjective appraisal of a building.

Technical Controlling Requires Expertise

Technical controlling is just as important as commercial controlling, and commercial properties often require more demanding solutions than other structures. Our engineering experts take control of all elements of technical controlling and provide the management with decision-relevant data and information. They coordinate processes, check that standards are being maintained and monitor quality and costs. AT CBRE, interface management is in the hands of experienced and proven experts.

Tailored energy management and systems engineering

Our experts provide consultancy for all queries related to energy management and systems engineering and develop technically feasible concepts for properties. Across all fields of technical activity in the construction of properties – from the first planning steps to monitoring – we employ only field-proven and experienced specialists. 

Commissioning management saves money


Time is money and the scheduled commissioning of a property can be decisive in its economic success. We take responsibility for commissioning management in accordance with VDI Guideline 6039 and coordinate and monitor all the trade disciplines that are involved.

Fire protection expertise


Fire protection is of the utmost importance for human health and safety as well as for the protection of material assets – as a preventative measure but especially in the event of an emergency. Fire protection requires comprehensive technical, legal and organizational knowledge, and for commercial properties, there are also additional requirements specific to the operation in question. 
Our engineers and technicians advise you in all structural, technical and organizational aspects related to fire protection. Contact our experts to find out more. 

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