Environmental matters must be taken seriously in the real estate sector, in particular for commercial real estate. CBRE experts provide intensive consultancy to companies on all forms of environmental risks and carry out all necessary environmental due diligence. This consultancy ranges from individual properties to portfolios with multi-faceted risks that may be difficult to detect.
All properties – commercial real estate more so than residential buildings – exist in a long-term relationship with the environment across their entire life cycles. With our increasing understanding of ecological interrelations, protection of the environment is becoming more and more important, which is reflected in the growing scope of the applicable legislation. Technical and legal environmental issues already play a significant role in the selection of a site and remain a consideration during the planning phase and for the entire service life of a property.
One of CBRE’s unique selling points is our ability to successfully implement the necessary environmental measures despite the conflicting desires of lessees, operators and owners. Risks and expected costs are estimated by experienced specialists and can be minimized with skilfully implemented measures.

Before Purchasing: Environmental Due Diligence

In addition to the services already mentioned, we offer an environmental due diligence check within the framework of sale and purchasing transactions.

CBRE carries out environmental site assessment as part of its environmental due diligence. The property is examined and evaluated in the context of environmental criteria such as emissions, hazardous substances, water supply and disposal, building pollutants, site contamination, radon exposure, earthquake and flooding resistance, etc. For due diligence checks for a portfolio, the environmental risks for a real estate portfolio are classified, examined and evaluated. 

We evaluate the risks and costs involved with a property by producing reports and carrying out in-depth analysis.

Geological Evaluation – An Overview of the Underground

When purchasing a property, it’s worth knowing what it’s built on. Soil analysis is required for many commercial properties, in particular for areas of potential concern, including for possible contamination. Owners of other types of buildings may want to learn more about the condition and quality of ground beneath them, both for technical and environmental reasons. We provide clarity in matters related to foundation soil, potential site contamination, radon exposure and geothermal issues. 

Building Inspections Provide Security


The value of a building depends to a large extent on how it was built. We inspect existing properties for hazardous building substances and ensure that only long-lasting environmentally friendly materials or certified ecological materials are used for new constructions and renovations. 
Our spectrum of services related to the environment and health and safety is complemented by consultancy on occupational and personal safety.
Would you like to find out more? Then contact our environmental experts, who would be happy to answer your questions.


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