Retail is a particularly dynamic and multifaceted industry. We’re very aware of this – after all, the leasing of commercial property is our business. Every type of retail property requires a leasing strategy that is tailored specifically for the user’s target group, regardless of whether it’s for inner-city retail, units in retail warehouses, shopping centers or supermarkets. As a leading specialist service provider for commercial real estate, we provide comprehensive consultancy and brokerage services in all areas of retail property leasing. 

Market Insight for Commercial Locations

Even though many top locations stand out for their long-term consistency, all commercial locations are subject to constant evolution. Changes could be triggered by anything from a change of tenant, property developments or urban development initiatives. Our experts, who are available to our clients for questions, use an extensive and continuously updated database of leases, leasing contracts, and lease prices to determine their approach to negotiations. We monitor retailer developments at local commercial locations as well as in international metropolises, and we are in constant contact with investors, commercial real estate providers and leading retail companies.

This provides our consultants with a unique perspective on the factors that determine supply and demand in the retail market at the commercial location in question, which in turn allows us to produce valuable results for owners, developers and users, negotiate new lease terms, adjust existing contracts, and devise an efficient and effective exit strategy. With this market insight, in addition to our knowledge of the current lease price trends, we assist our clients with evaluation of their options as landlords and owners of commercial property.

Specialist Knowledge in the Retail Industry

Our expertise in all current retail trends and developments in new retail concepts stems from our leasing specialists’ day-to-day involvement with countless retailers on national and international expansion projects and in the successful implementation of retail concepts. Our specialists’ knowledge of location applications, space requirements and their perspectives on a sustainable, achievable lease furnishes our clients with all the necessary market information to make their decisions.

We understand the retail business better than any other provider and match Europe’s leading industry players with the most sought-after commercial locations.

Economic Efficiency and Value-enhancing Retail Concepts

With our commercial and real estate know-how, we help our clients to optimally configure their space and enhance the value of their portfolio. This also satisfies the requirements of the retailer and provides our clients with long-term economic efficiency. We guarantee the optimal position of your property in the leasing process with a coordinated marketing strategy, determined on a case-by-case basis with focused personal discussions or a wide-ranging retail and marketing strategy.

Risk Management for Commercial Properties

Our experts in retail leases are very familiar with the legal aspects of transactions and understand exactly what is required from contract negotiations. Their focus is always on risk management and they know how to resolve legal disputes thanks to years of experience in dispute resolution and mediation. Conflicts and the risk of litigation are therefore reduced significantly or avoided entirely.

The professional leasing of retail properties is our business. Take advantage of our consultancy expertise and other services to increase the yield and value of your retail property.

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