International Retail Concepts


With 450 retail experts across more than 60 countries, CBRE is perfectly positioned to provide strategic consultancy for cross-border retail projects and transactions. We create international retail concepts and help our clients to find an optimal space for growth, wherever their country, city, street, and property may be.

Our Cross Border team works closely with all transactions during the consultation to highlight the cultural and economic characteristics of the retail markets in question and is therefore peerless when it comes to local knowledge of cross-border investment and international retail concepts.

Worldwide Transaction Services in the Retail Sector


This broad overview forms the basis of our recommendations for international retail concepts. With our worldwide coverage, we are in a position to implement our clients’ plans – even in new regions. Once a retail location has been selected, our Transactions team works together with our Cross Border team to negotiate the best possible contractual terms.

If retail projects are being planned, we know about it - we are therefore optimally positioned to identify the most attractive locations with the potential to be lucrative in the long-term. This information facilitates the creation of a long-term retail strategy and international retail concepts and allows our clients to confidently capitalize on the opportunities that come their way.

Our Consultants Know Their Clients’ Needs

Our expert teams in the retail sectors develop partnerships with investors, landlords, and users. They know our clients’ brands and selling models and therefore know how international retail concepts can be best implemented to realize their business objectives. We offer comprehensive transaction consultancy across the EMEA region and will find the perfect retail property in line with our clients’ requirements and budget. 

Our services

Consultancy and strategic advice within our international network