CBRE has its own unrivalled global network of specialists consisting of experienced engineers and technicians who can accurately determine the technical condition of existing real estate in detail. Our technical due diligence serves our customers as an important basis for decisions on buying or selling, as well as on the financing of individual properties or entire real estate portfolios. Our strength lies in supporting our customers in the transaction process. Our valuations are used as important and convincing material in the context of negotiations, both by buyers and by sellers. This applies to real estate of any kind, including residential and commercial properties, for example. 

Technical consulting

We provide comprehensive technical consulting and reliable valuations as part of technical due diligence (TDD). With the aim of giving our clients an ideal starting position, our experts concentrate on all technically relevant information and documentation, in particular approval documents, maintenance and inspection reports, energy certificates and documents on maintenance measures carried out and planned. Technical building services also forms an integral part of our technical due diligence. Our TDD professionals have extensive expertise in this field and are available for any questions our clients might have concerning technical facilities in buildings. The aim of our thorough technical inspections is generally to minimize the risks inherent in a transaction. 

Technical due diligence reports

An essential part of technical due diligence includes property inspections by architects and structural engineers. Our experienced professionals identify any defects on site and clarify the measures necessary for their elimination. 

Our assessments also investigate the risks that may arise from construction and planning law, fire protection, environmental standards and other legal requirements. We ascertain repair requirements as well. At the end of the process, an extensive and informative technical due diligence report indicating valuable projections for maintenance measures, refurbishment potential, eligibility for alternative use and the further handling of the risks identified is submitted to the client. 

Precise knowledge of our clients' properties

Our experts have appraisals drawn up and advise customers in affirming and asserting warranty claims. We analyze the suitability of properties, also from the standpoint of building geometry and eligibility for alternative use, and identify extension and refurbishment potential. In this context, we identify operational optimization potential, such as from reimbursement agreements, and go one step further in assessing the operator organization.  As a result, our technical due diligence report and precise knowledge of the property in question give our clients the best point of departure for their negotiations in the transaction process. 

Would you like to find out more about our technical due diligence services or the technical condition of your property? If so, please arrange a meeting with our experts.

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