With its in-depth knowledge of the market, the CBRE Office Leasing team provides support for landlords and tenants in the letting and leasing of office space. 

Landlords can draw on the full scope of our real estate know-how based on letting mandates, while tenants can benefit from our analysis of the respective office market with a view to suitable properties and rely on us to negotiate office space for them on the best possible lease terms. If required, we undertake an economic optimisation of existing leases. If rental agreements are due to expire, we negotiate renewals at the best possible conditions. With a view to procuring optimal office premises, we have set in place a structured acquisition process which is then rigorously implemented by our experts. We generally place emphasis on reducing costs effectively by optimizing the efficient use of office space and applying concerted cost control.

We facilitate the letting of office premises on the best possible terms for landlords and achieve an optimal positioning of the properties through our excellent knowledge of the market. With these goals in mind, we draw up customized and target group-oriented marketing strategies and detailed business plans. 

Office teams at German office locations

We are represented through our own letting teams in the most important German office property locations. Our experts who have detailed knowledge of the local office market are located in Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Cologne and Munich. They provide our clients with comprehensive advice on the letting and leasing of office premises. 

International consulting network

CBRE has access to a global network of professionals whose services our local team can use at any time. This enables us to support our clients with our expertise in other national and international locations in their letting and leasing undertakings.

Competitive advantage in office market through cutting-edge knowledge

As one of the world’s foremost providers of real estate services, we can offer our clients in-depth market analyses at local and at global level. We always have the most recent research with key data on rates and new letting take-up, as well as on offers of office premises available and vacant. These analyses give our customers an overview of the different office markets, as well as deeper insight into their local office market. 

You can gain first hand experience of the quality of our expertise in the local and international office real estate markets. We are at your disposal for all questions relating to letting office premises and office property markets.

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