In the field of property management, CBRE offers premium services to a high standard for the active management of individual properties as well as whole portfolios for national, European and international investors. As experienced experts, we know exactly what challenges are involved in managing property. Together with our clients, we work on creating optimal solutions in the context of commercial and technical real estate management, with the aim of conserving and increasing the value of properties. Whether office, retail, industrial or logistics properties, our real estate management is always geared to the specific goals of our clients. 

Successfull property management

Our property management centers around the realization of stable rental income that sustainably secures and increases the value of the property. Having satisfied tenants is the key to long-term income streams. Our property management ensures that the properties of our clients are optimally equipped for the future, and prevents problems for tenants arising in the first place. Our real estate management takes care of all tenant requirements and enquiries quickly and reliably and makes sure that the processes entailed by the property run smoothly. Backed by long years of experience, we know where the concerns of tenants lie and how we can generate genuine value added for them through our property management. Our agents regularly visit the properties and place great priority on local service arrangements. Many of our services significantly outperform standard services. Looking after tenants is therefore ultimately one of our proven strengths. 

Progressive real estate management

As a global real estate service provider, CBRE always has access in all the services it offers to cutting-edge technologies for managing properties and reporting. With the aid of digital tools, our property management is transparent and comprehensible for our clients at all times. However, even the most advanced tools are only able to add value if they are used by the best minds. For this reason, we always bring together established systems with optimized processes and the best experts for our property management in order to guarantee that owners and tenants receive service that is second to none in terms of its quality. 

State of-the-art property management software

As a fixed component of CBRE’s European property and asset management program we offer the use of Yardi as a property management software. We also work with the systems our clients. Our specialists in property management, accounting and technical management have highly sophisticated know-how in their respective areas and are therefore able to create the best solutions for our clients’ properties. Along with reducing costs and optimizing income, we always put the satisfaction of our clients and tenants at the heart of what we do.

Our services comprise:

  • Contact for tenants
  • Rental agreement management (e.g. deadline, index and option controlling)
  • Contract renewals
  • Leasing management and controlling
  • Analysis and optimization of ancillary costs
  • Documentation, data analysis and reporting
  • Support in commercial and technical due diligence processes
  • Green property management

With CBRE Property Management specialists managing more than 2.5 billion sq. ft. worldwide and an investment volume of more than $105.5bn, we have streamlined operations, reduced costs, increased cash flow and strategically positioned assets throughout the most diverse and challenging markets. We understand that every asset is unique – with distinct tenants, customized technology and specific needs. Each and every day, we leverage global best practices and real-time data to maximize building operational performance.

CBRE manages some of the world's most iconic properties. We recognise that these types of buildings require a specialised property management approach to maximise occupier satisfaction and visitor experience. Premier Properties offers a highly tailored approach, allowing our clients to see results that not only help to define their trophy quality investments, but set them apart in the marketplace. Every detail is considered – from the scent diffused in reception, through to the toiletries and ranges of magazines available to your occupants. There might be cycle repair workshops in the basement – or Amazon lockers and towel laundry services. Whatever your occupants really need, our Premier Properties service will provide it. Globally we manage 175 Premier Properties, thereof 48 in EMEA.

Of course, our team is also experienced in managing commercial buildings with floor space with at least 35,000 square meters and assets of around EUR 300 million - there are currently 16 properties in EMEA and 2 in Germany fulfilling these requirements.

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