Welcome at BEAM Berlin! 

Internet Access for Guests

We offer internet access (via WiFi only) for our guests in our corporate offices


How to connect:

Step 1: On your CBRE laptop - Browse to: http://guestssid/

Step 2:
 Access the network:

  • Laptops: Connect to the C-Guest network and enter the current password
  • Smartphones and Tablets: Scan the QR code on website

Step 3: On welcome page scroll to the bottom and click "Request Access" 
(Note: Some devices may not go direct to step 4)

Step 4: Register - Enter your email address and phone number and click  "Request Access"
(You may then use the internet for the rest of the day. If prompted to reconnect later in the same day, login at Step 3 by just re-entering the email address and clicking "Log-In")

If you have any questions about the usage or if an error occurs, please contact our office management. We wish you a pleasant and productive meeting.