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Every company is interested in an economic and profitable real estate portfolio. An efficient, forward-looking and successful real estate strategy is therefore of huge importance. We enable our clients to harmonise the technical feasibility of their plans with the demands of the real estate market, thereby recognising and optimising the development potential of their real estate portfolio and enhancing its value.

We help companies to optimise their real estate portfolio and offer optimised real estate strategies and solutions individually customised to our clients’ requirements - from developing a real estate strategy (especially for non-operational real estate) to its final implementation.

Optimised building stock enhances the value of a real estate portfolio 

We collate property data and develop a strategy to optimise our clients’ building stock. By collecting data and evaluating their portfolios, we can distinguish between properties which are required for business operations and those which are not, so that steps can be taken to rationalise space. Operationally essential properties are managed within a strategic advice framework. We develop the best possible new uses for our clients’ properties and secure or enhance the value of their portfolios. This can involve analysing and implementing a consolidation of operational locations to achieve cost savings and optimise returns. 

Disposal of portfolio properties which are not required for business operations

We develop cost-effective exit strategies for those of our clients’ properties which are not required for their business operations. To this end, we handle lease terminations, redevelopment projects and/or the marketing of those properties on our clients’ behalf. As the largest global commercial real estate services provider, with 450 offices worldwide, our market knowledge and expertise allow us to provide full support in optimising every property which is important but nonetheless in a peripheral location.

We would be happy to advise you on your real estate portfolio and show you its full potential. Please contact us to arrange an appointment.

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