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Industrial & Logistics

We represent the largest industrial real estate platform in the world, offering an integrated suite of services for occupiers and investors.

CBRE offers a comprehensive variety of services for investors, developers and users of industrial and logistics properties. We have made use of market-leading data and research information to develop unique services for industrial and logistics properties, and our 360+ industrial and logistics experts in 27 EMEA countries know this sector better than anyone else, on both a local and global level. As a world-leading real estate service provider, we provide guidance with the leasing of both existing properties and new constructions, and the sale and purchasing of industrial and logistics properties across Germany. We also offer a suite of industrial services to occupiers ranging from production maintenance and production relocation to special services like calibrations.

Solutions for logistics spaces

Using our worldwide network of experts, we offer our clients well-informed solutions for industrial and logistics spaces that release significant value potential. Our leading real estate consultants are always available to guide our clients to success by fine-tuning their strategies for their industrial and logistics properties. 
We are proficient at estimating value over the entire life cycle of a property and across the entire product chain, from production to final distribution – making us the ideal partner for industrial, logistics and retail clients. We have years of experience in the marketing, property development, leasing, sale and purchase of industrial and logistics spaces. Investors and developers around the world know that we are the world’s leading real estate service provider because we succeed again and again in achieving superb results with the minimum of risk.

Experienced real estate consultants

Thanks to our comprehensive expertise in the field of industrial and logistics spaces, we can evaluate the challenges present in the market for industrial and logistics properties like no other provider. When our clients work together with our real estate consultants, it becomes easier for them to identify and prepare for rapid technical revolutions, market dynamics and investment information – which in turn allows for successful property development, leasing or sale.

As supply chain models adapt to increasing customer expectations, a critical phase in the development of the industrial and logistics sector has begun. Our real estate consultants use extensive data and countless industry contacts to develop integrated solutions for purchasing, financing, sales and portfolio strategy. All of this helps our clients to make the right decisions for their industrial and logistics properties.

Client-oriented solutions from the world's number 1 real estate service provider

CBRE works for users, developers and investors to engineer perfectly tailored, innovative, market-leading solutions for all industrial and logistics properties. As the world’s leading real estate service provider, we rely on robust market-leading research, and when combined with our well-informed analysis and local knowledge of the industrial and logistics properties market, we develop the very best real estate solutions. Before any decisions are made, we analyze demographic data, the labor supply and qualification level, transport connections, market trends and market value.  

European conference on logistics properties

Every year, CBRE is present at a renowned European logistics conference. This unique event brings users, developers and investors together with over 300 high-ranking attendees from the logistics properties industry, and emphasizes our endeavors to increase the importance of this economic sector. It is also highly valued by all parties as a platform for increased transparency, exchanges of experience and performance data as well as for analysis of investment motives and capital allocations in the investment market for industrial and logistics properties.

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