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CBRE has a proven track record of sound and comprehensive expertise in the field of healthcare real estate, equally benefiting investors, owners and operators.


Leading global real estate service provider with healthcare expertise

Healthcare properties have the potential to provide investors with secure returns, particularly against the background of the changes now taking place in society. But this sector presents special requirements and legal considerations, requiring detailed analysis and a well-developed understanding of the market.

In Germany, demographic change is in full swing, bringing major challenges. The ageing society is creating a huge need for healthcare properties. More places are needed to cater for the growing number of people in need of care whilst, at the same time, there is increasing demand for housing suitable for senior citizens in the growing 65+ age group. The need for medical and rehabilitative care is also increasing. The demand and need are undisputed, but what are the requirements placed on healthcare buildings by users and by the government? How should the property be maintained and managed? What other factors are affecting the market, such as the skills shortage or ESG?

Specialist human and data resources

We are the most experienced real estate service provider with specialist human and data resources at our disposal in the healthcare sector. For many years, owners, operators, investors and lenders have appreciated our global knowledge and expertise and they regularly employ the services of our experienced healthcare real estate consultants. We have detailed market knowledge of all fields of healthcare real estate - from nursing homes and assisted living to rehabilitation facilities, acute care facilities, medical centres and other special-purpose properties. Our special status in healthcare real estate is underlined by our extensive and long-standing track record. In recent years, we have actively assisted in real estate transactions in the healthcare sector with a volume of around EUR 5 billion.

From detailed analysis to transaction

Our research teams monitor developments in healthcare real estate markets worldwide and make accurately researched recommendations for our clients. Regular analysis and the clear view of the market that it offers are indispensable, especially when making decisions on locations or investments. As an experienced real estate service provider, we have by far the greatest transaction experience in healthcare real estate. Besides advising on acquisitions and disposals, we offer a comprehensive, integrated services over the entire life cycle of a healthcare property:

  • Investors: as a leading global advisor on healthcare real estate, we have deep roots in investor markets, making us the ideal partner for this real estate sector. With our expertise in acquisitions and disposals we provide support to both long-standing healthcare sector investors and new investors.
  • Transactions: demand continues to exceed supply in the market for nursing homes, rehabilitation clinics and other healthcare properties. We keep an eye on this constantly changing market for our clients, and our professional process management and product understanding lay the foundation for successful transactions.
  • Portfolio owners and operators: both owners and operators benefit from our expertise when selling. We regularly assist them in selling their properties or portfolios, and on sale-and-leaseback mandates. We also specialise in commercial real estate advice in M&A transactions where there is a particular focus on healthcare properties.
  • Project management: if required, we can assist in new construction and revitalisation projects by taking on all the responsibilities of developers that can be delegated. We see ourselves as a partner in the enterprise and assume an active role to achieve the goals of the project. Our many years of experience with requirements for special-purpose space and operating procedures in healthcare properties are particularly helpful in this respect. Besides tender processes for architectural and engineering services and ensuring that budgets and deadlines are adhered to, our services include financing advice on statutory funding processes. We also set up architectural competitions, develop refurbishment concepts and offer professional data and process management.
  • Real estate valuations: in response to the increase in transaction volumes and advances in the professionalism of the healthcare market, valuing healthcare properties has become an essential service. Every year, experts from our Valuation Advisory Services division value around 500 care homes and 100 rehabilitation clinics with a total of more than 70,000 beds and a market value of some EUR 8 billion. These valuation services and our regular exchanges with market participants, as well as access to market and transaction data, strengthen our market expertise and represent a unique selling point in the healthcare real estate segment.
  • Technical due diligence: we use our extensive engineering expertise in the healthcare real estate field to undertake technical due diligences on our clients’ behalf. We use structured bidding processes to make well-founded assessments of the technical condition of a building’s fabric and technical services for both buyers and sellers. We also identify and quantify construction and legal risks such as planning permissions, fire protection, recurring inspections and special construction requirements. We advise our clients on related risk optimisation strategies and monitoring their implementation.

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