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As experts in the real estate and capital markets, CBRE’s real estate financing professionals offer optimal real estate financing products.


Your knowledgeable partner for all your questions about structured financing products

The financing of real estate is in transition. On the one hand, banks are imposing more stringent requirements on borrowers, and interest rate terms have become more demanding, whilst on the other hand new alternative lenders and financing options have also emerged. Finding your ideal financing deal requires significant market knowledge and experience.

Complexity makes professionalism essential

Borrowers are now faced with more stringent requirements, e.g. regarding their track record, equity capitalisation and the location and quality of projects. This makes real estate investment significantly more complex and the financing process has to be increasingly professional. As the world’s leading real estate services provider, we advise and support investors in all matters relating to structured real estate financing, and we use our investment banking expertise to ensure that opportunities are leveraged and risks minimised.

Comprehensive range of services

Our real estate finance experts operate at the interface between the real estate, banking and capital markets. This allows us to support our clients with comprehensive specialised services. In addition, our international orientation gives us a sound basis of data on the current situation in the market, including local markets and market developments. Our aim is to provide our clients with the best and, above all, the most reliable financing solution:

  1. Optimal structuring of equity and debt capital products (capital stack)
  2. Sourcing mezzanine, whole loan and senior debt capital – including financing existing properties and interim financing
  3. Raising equity capital for new investments
  4. Recapitalising existing shareholdings
  5. Restructuring indirect real estate investments
  6. Financing owner-operated commercial properties 
  7. Efficient diversification of real estate portfolios including searches for properties abroad
  8. Advising on finance-backed transactions such as sale-and-leaseback processes
  9. Fine-tuning the entire liability side of property companies

Your added value

One-stop shop: your central point of contact is an experienced professional finance expert from our Real Estate Finance team. That person is responsible at all times for all matters relating to your real estate financing, and co-ordinates all our internal services.

Broad spectrum:
our contacts with over 500 European banks and venture capital providers, credit and opportunity funds, insurance companies and pension funds mean that we can offer you a wide range of financing solutions.

Global positioning: we work closely together with our teams in other European countries, particularly for financing pan-European portfolios.

Individually tailored solutions: our experience, market knowledge, contacts and international orientation allow us to offer you the best real estate financing products.

Our Leadership Team

  • Daniel Sander

    Managing Director | Head of Debt Advisory

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