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Find your next investment or leasing opportunity. Alternative properties include student housing, public institutions and more.

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As a world leading real estate service provider, we don’t just focus on standard-use properties such as offices, hotels, retail spaces, industry and logistics structures or residential buildings. We also have outstanding expertise in the area of specialist properties, in particular in the fields of healthcare and social properties such as care and retirement homes, hospitals and rehabilitation clinics, laboratories, education institutions and parking garages. 
Marketing, leasing and managing special properties that have been adapted to a particular type of use or particular occupiers, requires specialist knowledge and many years of practical experience - and our competent experts are therefore the ideal partners for all matters related to specialist properties. Our employees offer individualized consultancy and tailored solution-oriented approaches to complex issues and deliver extraordinary value in decision-making processes.

CBRE – Integrated Real Estate Service Provider with a Global Network

A wide-ranging global network of highly professional experts is available to our clients at all times. Without access to such a network, the expiry of a lease or an operating agreement could lead to exorbitant costs. Comprehensive long-term experience in this sector is imperative to ensure that the full potential of specialist properties is realized – and that is precisely what we at CBRE offer to our clients.
As a worldwide integrated real estate service provider, we have the relevant knowledge of and international experience with a wide variety of specialist properties such as care and retirement homes, hospitals and rehabilitation clinics, laboratories, education institutions and parking garages. We bring investors, operators, and lessees of specialist properties together using our worldwide network, and we offer consultancy on all aspects related to the property to owners, investors, and users of specialist properties. 
Care and Retirement Homes

Our experience with care and retirement homes sets the standard across the industry. As a competent real estate service provider in this sector, we are very familiar with the necessary operational procedures and we know what matters to investors and operators. This makes us the ideal partner for clients who need to know what to be aware of when investing in this sector, how to avoid risks and how to save on operational costs.

Public Sector Specialist Properties

We also have valuable services to offer to the public sector owners and proprietors of specialist properties, and we are capable of solving the increasingly complex issues that can arise. One-off projects, tight budgets, and time constraints create demanding circumstances that require competency in capital markets, real estate economics, and real estate engineering in equal measure. Public Private Partnerships (PPP) have become established around the world as a solution-oriented approach in the field of public building construction. These days, they are a compelling option for the public sector to lower the costs involved in the construction and operation of specialist properties and to ensure that the building is used as efficiently as possible. Schools, day-care centers, and other educational institutions, as well as hospitals, clinics, and correctional facilities, are among the most important types of public sector specialist properties.  

Our teams of engineers, economists and lawyers have years of personal experience in the development of property-specific solutions for the public sector. We are process managers with a specific goal: we aim to help keep projects within budget and on schedule, in line with audit requirements and procedurally correct. We operate on a multi-disciplinary level and therefore examine all tasks and issues within a project from the perspective of a globally active real estate service provider

Parking Garages

The sustained yield compression of classic forms of real estate has diverted the attention of investors to specialist properties with relatively higher income opportunities. For this reason, international investors are becoming interested in parking garages, since the earnings development and appreciation potential of this type of specialist property, which is often centrally located, promise numerous advantages for investors and owners. Our real estate consultants offer investors and owners, as well as lessees and operators, the opportunity to take advantage of their experience, knowledge and extensive network to help realize the potential of their specialist property.

If you are looking for a professional and experienced real estate consultant who will be a reliable and loyal partner for all questions related to specialist properties, you have come to the right place. Contact our experts to find out more.

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