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Industrial Services increase the availability of your production facilities and offer lasting reductions in your maintenance costs.


Your technical building and production facilities are in good hands with our Industrial Services team

ESG, the energy crisis and Industry 4.0 pose major challenges for many manufacturing companies. An important prerequisite for competitiveness on the global market is a smooth and (energy-) efficient production process. Our experienced technicians, who undergo constant training, will take great care of your production facilities from A to Z.
We will help you make your production plants more productive and efficient through preventative maintenance, inspection, repair and servicing, thereby contributing to a sustainable reduction in maintenance costs. 

Global standards and local industrial expertise

At our centre of excellence in the Rhein-Main region in Germany, you can rely on the expertise of more than 200 experienced industrial experts, all of whom are very familiar with country-specific standards and legislation for industrial plants. Our position as the world's largest real estate service provider allows us to establish best practice across borders and guarantee our clients high global standards to achieve legal certainty and occupational safety, both nationally and internationally. This combination makes us a reliable partner to ensure the (legally) secure and efficient operation of production plants and their associated infrastructure.

Our Industrial Services at a glance:

We offer a wide range of industrial services tailored to your individual needs:

  • Production maintenance: we develop a customised efficient maintenance strategy for you, from production infrastructure to complete production plants. By employing digital processes and mobile technologies we can carry out preventive maintenance efficiently, record faults more quickly, and document and rectify them as required by law. This enables us to minimise unplanned downtimes and production losses. Fault analysis allows us to formulate improvement plans and continuously refine maintenance strategies.
  • Periodic inspections: we undertake periodic inspections to identify sources of danger which we eliminate in good time using corrective measures. Our inspection specialists are familiar with all standards and can be relied on to undertake periodic inspections and mandatory accident prevention (UVV) checks of forklift trucks, crane systems and hoists. We also carry out shelving inspections and test switching cabinets for weak points by carrying out thermographic analyses. These comprehensive inspection services ensure that your machinery, plant and technical building equipment are operated in full compliance with all legal requirements.
  • Relocation of production plant and facilities: our industrial experts assume responsibility for the relocation of individual production facilities through to complete production facilities - reliably and quickly, both nationally and internationally. Our project management leaves nothing to chance and includes expert advice, detailed planning, professional control and reliable implementation. From dismantling, transport and customs clearance to assembly and recommissioning, we ensure that the production plant or facility can be quickly and safely put back into operation at the new location. We also prepare CE declarations of conformity for new or modified production facilities.
  • Calibration: in our DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratories, we calibrate scales and instruments for measuring temperature, humidity and pressure, independently of their manufacturer. We record the results in a DAkkS calibration certificate - for example as proof for ISO certification. Our trained specialists also carry out factory calibrations for heating furnaces and length measuring equipment on production plants and small measuring devices such as external micrometers. They also determine optimal inspection intervals. By doing this, we eliminate the risk of undetected incorrect measurements and can assure our clients that their measuring equipment is reliable and accurate.
  • Integrated services: with CBRE, you have a reliable partner at your side both for the operation of your technical facilities and production lines and for Integrated Facility Management. As a full-service provider, we have a global network of industrial experts who know your industry inside out. This enables us to optimise the entire life cycle of your real estate across borders.
  • We support you:
    • in your endeavours to achieve your sustainability goals, e.g. from the provision of sustainability and energy efficiency advice through to the installation of photovoltaic systems;
    • in finding and renting suitable production space and industrial sites, and selling or repurposing them;
    • by project managing conversion and refurbishment measures, and supporting you in new development projects.

How can you benefit from our Industrial Services? 

  • Plant and system availability: our tailored efficient maintenance strategy increases the availability of your plant and systems.
  • Call service / hotline: thanks to our 24/7 technical on-call service, you always have a point of contact on hand who can provide rapid assistance even in the event of unforeseeable incidents.
  • Cost optimisation: we use intelligent data analysis to create efficient service plans, thereby achieving lasting reductions in operating costs. 
  • Legally compliant & transparent: the comprehensive digital documentation held in our CAFM system and controls undertaken via a regulatory information system guarantee that all buildings and technical facilities operate in full compliance with all legal requirements and relevant regulations.
  • Occupational safety: we live a zero-accident culture. The safety and health of our clients and our own employees are our top priority.

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