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Integrated Facility Management

With our integrated Facility Management solutions, we operate your commercial properties safely, sustainably and cost-efficiently, and in full compliance with all legal requirements.

As the world's largest service provider for Integrated Facility Management (IFM), we operate your commercial properties safely, sustainably and cost-efficiently, and in full compliance with all legal requirements.

To do this, we develop an individual and integrated FM solution for you that covers all Facility Services and property types, from offices to data and distribution centres, to laboratories and production plants. We provide you with a central point of contact across departments and countries who understands your specific real estate-related needs and expertly aligns our services with your business objectives.

Full building management control

As a full-service provider, we live for IFM solutions, providing Technical Facility Management (e.g. heating, air conditioning, ventilation, sanitation, electrics and mechanics) and reception services largely in-house. Our qualified technicians operate, maintain and repair your technical building systems efficiently and reliably. Using our mobile technical teams and 24/7 technical helpdesk, we can swiftly resolve faults and minimise downtime.  We collaborate with well-known long-term partners for Infrastructural Facility Management services such as cleaning, catering, security or pest control. This combination of in-house services and management expertise enables us to achieve a high quality of service on attractive terms.

Integrated Facility Management for special-purpose properties

Your business-critical special-purpose properties are in good hands with us: we have networks of experts at our disposal who are extremely familiar with the particular issues surrounding different sectors and property types, and who implement integrated solutions efficiently, e.g. for the following special-purpose properties: 

How can you benefit from Integrated Facility Management?

Using our results-oriented and integrated approach, we guarantee outcomes that would not otherwise be possible by awarding individual service contracts. With fewer interfaces, more efficient processes and economies of scale, you cut costs and minimise your management effort.


Our Integrated Technology Solution provides transparency for our performance and your real estate portfolio. Importantly, our CAFM system provides reliable data and statistics to identify opportunities to make improvements and informed decisions.

Legal and operational security:
We meet all standards and legal requirements for (legally) secure operational processes and back this up with standardised reporting - even across national borders.

Strengthening your core business:
With Facility Management Outsourcing, you can concentrate wholly on your core business. Our integration and transformation expertise is trusted not only by local companies and SMEs, but also by 90 of the US’s 100 largest companies (Fortune 100).

Global standards and local expertise: 
Thanks to our presence in over 100 countries, standardised cross-border processes and local market expertise, we operate national and international real estate portfolios with a consistently high standard of quality and occupational safety. 

Future-proof facility management solutions: 
We make your working environments fit for the future by consistently driving forward innovation, digitisation and the implementation of sustainability goals. Our integrated cross-border model enables us to adapt Facility Management swiftly to changing market requirements such as COVID, ESG and New Work.

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