Digital Advisory

Smart Building Consulting

Would you like to develop a digital property, or undertake a digital upgrade of an existing property? CBRE Digital Advisory supports digitisation in project development and asset management.


Asset-based digital strategy

Decisive inroads are being made towards digitisation in the development of new and existing buildings. CBRE will work together with you to develop an asset-based digital strategy for the development and operation of digital buildings. In the process, digitisation goals are defined to establish appropriate structural requirements. We would be happy to assist you in selecting suitable providers and integrating them into a consistent overall system. Using our tools, we can work with you to determine the necessary digitisation measures based on the type of asset, its occupiers and location. Our staff are WiredScore and SmartScore certified, which means that all measures can be later incorporated into a certification process, making a positive contribution to the asset’s value. 

SmartScore & WiredScore Certification

CBRE is your partner when obtaining certification for both new and existing properties. Our experience allows us to obtain certifications for individual buildings and portfolios quickly and efficiently. If necessary, we can call on the specialist knowledge of our various departments.

Adding value through certification:

  • Improves the property’s marketability
  • Good real estate appraisal
  • Achieves a market standard as well as a technical status quo

Smart Assessment

Digitisation & innovation present both significant opportunities and threats. In a world characterised by smart systems, data and disruptive technologies, tenant requirements are evolving, as are market supply and how assets are dealt with. CBRE has developed Smart Assessment to help executives better understand their asset’s digital maturity. By knowing where your asset currently stands, you can better decisions about current or planned digital initiatives, set priorities and develop a shared digital vision. We look in particular at sensor technology, metering, digital interfaces (API), infrastructure (e.g. network technology) and BMS/GLT. The result of the Smart Assessment is a report that clearly highlights the potential and weaknesses of your property and makes appropriate recommendations. We invite you to examine and understand your asset’s digital performance.

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