With CBRE, our clients have by their side a leading consultant in the fields of workplace solutions, work environments, and room concepts. Modern office concepts and work environments are becoming ever more important for companies. Continuing globalization, the shortage of qualified workers and changing ways of working present increasing challenges when it comes to attracting employees and designing future-oriented work environments.

Tailored Office and Room Concepts


We see these changing circumstances as an excellent opportunity to encourage better communication, creativity, productivity and well-being among employees, and we can do this by identifying individualized solutions for companies and optimizing work practices and working environments. Our office and room concepts take account of these changes and we use sound analysis of our clients’ individual needs to develop tailored workplace solutions. 
In contrast to workplace concepts that are developed in isolation, our integrated solutions take market and feasibility concerns into account to ensure that we offer our clients a consistent solution, from the conception of modern work environments and room concepts to implementation and operation.

Status Analysis for Real Estate Users

Do the properties in question meet the standards of a modern work environment? Does the current workplace reflect both the specific requirements of the company and its corporate identity? We are dedicated to resolving these issues, and to establish how employees feel about their current office environment and how productive they are as a consequence. In addition, we evaluate to what extent the existing office and room concepts correspond to the requirements of a modern workplace, and whether they are in harmony with all essential work practices.

Strategic Requirements Analysis for Real Estate Users

Companies need to be aware of their space requirements to be able to plan work processes and environments. We determine the space requirements, define our clients’ quality specifications and investigate not only their office concepts but also their company targets and development to get a realistic overview of their work environment. Building on this, we develop strategies for the optimal layout of the ideal work environment, which helps ensure that our clients’ company targets are achieved quickly and economically.

Future-Oriented Office and Room Concepts

More and more companies are moving towards modern room concepts to ensure compatibility with increasingly flexible work schedules. This includes, for example, a free choice of desks and meeting places to facilitate communication and creative exchange among employees. We advise companies and discuss how new office and room concepts could affect the work environment of their employees and the atmosphere in the offices, as well as how certain measures could succeed in reducing space requirements.

One of the goals of our workplace solutions consultancy is the achievement of room concepts that are a major factor in the successful recruitment of qualified employees. Our workplace solutions provide our clients with a significant competitive advantage over their rivals.

Interior Architecture and Design

Our consultancy and planning services offer our clients new stimuli for modern workplace solutions and interior design that not only reflect the company’s corporate identity but also the entrepreneurial spirit within the office building. The potential benefits of this include better employee identification with the company, improved interactions and communication between employees, better employee recruitment and increases in productivity.

We work together with our clients to develop strategies to improve their work environment and we help achieve the best possible conditions to increase the value of their company.

Project and Change Management


We help companies to achieve their cost, scheduling, and quality targets when carrying out leasehold improvements. With our comprehensive expertise in the fields of design and implementation of work environments, we monitor and manage our clients’ renovation and expansion works for new office concepts. 
But even the very best concepts can only be considered successful if employees embrace their new working environment. This can often be challenging since employees must first be willing to move away from familiar surroundings and habits. In our change management program, we proactively provide information, help employees to overcome anxiety and preconceptions, and work towards acceptance of the new work environment.

Furnishing and Relocation Management


A new work environment can be brought to life with appropriate contemporary furnishings. We help companies in the procurement process, establish the desired quantities and quality, and organize tenders so that our clients secure their ideal products on the best possible terms. We also provide these services for relocations, thereby ensuring a smooth transition and timely commissioning of the new work environments.

Decommissioning Management

We assist companies with the return of rented spaces. We carry out analysis to determine the scope of the task and the potential costs and provide support both in negotiations and in the implementation of the return so that our client can focus fully on the new work environments.

We would be delighted to advise you on new future-oriented office and room concepts. Get in touch with us and arrange a consultation appointment.

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