CBRE offers clients individualized solutions for their properties and portfolios. Our proven core competencies include consultancy for the development of facility management solutions, as well as an in-depth process to guarantee first-class facility management. We guide our clients in the implementation, optimization and administration of facility management procedures. This service is an essential component of our scope of services since the successful management of any kind of real estate contributes significantly to its value growth.

The essential tasks involved in effective facility management are part of the daily work of our team of specialists, including the creation of operating concepts, planning and calling for tenders for operational services, and the selection and implementation of systems for Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM) software.

One of CBRE’s major strengths is the linking of facility management services with effective organizational and management concepts.

Facility Management Consulting at the Property

Property-based facility management consulting includes planning and building support. The consultation begins with the definition of goals and requirements, runs alongside the tendering phase and, at this early stage, provides for quality assurance during planning and implementation. 

In the area of commercial real estate, our services include the development of operating concepts for waste disposal, logistics, and catering. Our experts are highly experienced in cost accounting, and can effectively control the costs of your real estate. With our energetic master planning, we help our clients to optimally configure these decisive cost factors, both from an economic and an environmental standpoint.

We facilitate successful cooperation between private companies and the public sector with our years of experience and proven expertise in offering consultancy for Public Private Partnerships (PPP) and in the implementation of energy contracting solutions. Organization-based Facility Management Consulting.

We develop comprehensive organizational concepts for facility management and carry out a detailed analysis of the real estate-specific processes within companies. Decisions are made using benchmarking practices and analysis of economic efficiency. Our consultancy supports companies with energy management and the optimization of energy procurement. In addition, we offer IT consultancy services, which include data and documentation management. 

Services for Existing Properties


In the field of existing properties, we have extensive experience with facility management operator audits, energy audits, and analysis of operating costs. Our consultants help owners and operators to optimize their processes for new tendering and re-engineering of their facility management. 
We are also available to assist when new users move into commercial properties, or a company moves location – in such circumstances, CBRE offers complete a move management service.
Are you interested in finding out more about our facility management consultancy services? Our experts are always available to answer your questions.

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