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Technical Asset Management

CBRE provides professional technical asset management to support project development, revitalisation and the maintenance of residential and commercial properties.


Maintaining and increasing the value of buildings

Maintaining residential and commercial properties is a complex management task because of the need to keep an eye on the entire life cycle of a building. This ensures that buildings remain in good condition over the long term, and the return on investment is secured.

What are the prerequisites for maintaining and increasing the value of buildings? The answer to this question covers a whole range of topics – from revitalisation and maintenance to the provision of comprehensive advice, and from fitting-out space to reviewing and monitoring the property’s operation. The overarching objective is to achieve an optimal return.

Interdisciplinary know-how

Our technical asset management teams assume responsibility for these tasks and offer technical consulting and management services covering a property’s entire life cycle. For example, our experts provide advice on fitting-out a property, which will ideally benefit tenants and landlords alike, or they provide targeted support during refurbishment projects. We do this by drawing on our interdisciplinary knowledge. Our teams consist of architects, engineers and real estate economists who think holistically and in an entrepreneurial way, and operate throughout Germany. This benefits investors, property owners and tenants alike.

Our technical asset management services include:

  1. Driving strategies forward: we develop sustainable and yield-oriented repair and maintenance strategies for investors. These strategies form the basis for success not only of commercial and residential buildings but also special-purpose properties. As part of this process, we also carry out feasibility studies including initial and follow-up investigations.
  2. Secure project development: from planning, construction and completion to handover - our project development management is always geared towards optimising value. Our consulting services include feasibility studies, analyses of potential, profitability and investment calculations, as well as every aspect of service development for existing and new buildings. Our experts also assist with marketing and sales processes, supported by the corresponding CBRE business lines.
  3. Overseeing revitalisations: in technical asset management, an interdisciplinary approach towards consulting and management is essential, particularly in revitalisation projects. In a first step, our experts determine the need for repairs and the potential for increasing value. They also manage the technical due diligence process.
  4. Safeguarding projects: we also rely on experts for project controlling and monitoring. These experts support the project from planning to execution and ensure that contractually agreed programmes are implemented – an important aspect especially for banks and lenders.
  5. Supporting tenants: we offer a wide range of services to occupiers of properties wishing to alter or improve them. These include conducting feasibility analyses and providing professional relocation management and technical tenant advice. On request, our engineers and construction experts can also provide extended monitoring during the fitting-out process.

By the way: we coordinate various services benefiting both landlords and owners of individual assets or portfolios.

These include:
  • real estate management and technical advice prior to the conclusion of leases or use agreements
  • project management and consulting services for the planning and execution of fitting-out and alteration projects (for both occupiers and tenants)
  • technical advisory and management services relating to landlords’ contractual obligations

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