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Additional retail property services

CBRE’s experienced retail experts support investors, landlords and occupiers with sector-specific services to optimise their returns.


Leveraging market opportunities and maximising returns

Retail real estate requires intensive management. Anyone looking to take full advantage of the market opportunities offered by retail properties must be familiar with this special market and understand the requirements of the sector. 

The retail sector is notable for a very dynamic market. Moreover, new sales concepts are constantly moving the starting blocks. Without constant observation and up-to-date knowledge and expertise, it is possible to fall behind quickly. The demands facing retail management and the requirement for advice amongst investors, landlords and occupiers are correspondingly high.

Navigating safely through the entire retail life cycle

Against this background, we offer our retail market clients additional sector-specific services and strategic support. Our services cover the entire life cycle of retail real estate. This enables us to navigate investors, landlords and occupiers safely through the dynamic market environment. The quality of our services is assured by experience, powerful technology and sound analytical data.

Additional services from retail experts

These services are provided by 160 specialists worldwide, in addition to our 450 retail experts. They offer our clients an all-round investment, planning and advisory service. Our EMEA valuation team has specialist expertise in the detailed valuation of large retail properties, taking account of a property’s design, location and market segment. This is made possible by the composition of our teams: our experts come from different areas of the real estate sector and have a range of previous experience as building surveyors, engineers, façade consultants or project managers. They collaborate closely with one another and know the retail sector very well – both globally and locally. Our aim is to take advantage of market opportunities and maximise returns.
  • Assisting in the planning approval process
  • Supporting city-centre and out-of-town construction projects
  • Managing retail projects, shopping centres and grocery stores
  • Valuation of retail properties
  • Leveraging market opportunities
  • Maximising returns

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