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International Retail Concepts

CBRE’s cross-border teams connect global retail concepts with in-depth knowledge of the local markets to create new opportunities for their clients.

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Thinking globally, acting locally

In the retail real estate sector, accurately matching properties, requirements and budgets is critical. This requires not only knowledge of the global and local markets, but also a detailed understanding of investors’ and occupiers’ business models.

Investors in retail real estate and retail chains do not limit themselves to national markets: they operate across borders. This makes the requirements placed on market knowledge correspondingly demanding – both globally and locally. That is why our cross-border teams co-operate closely with our local transaction teams in each country, so that we can consider the cultural and economic characteristics of specific retail markets when advising on investments and retail concepts.

Sector knowledge guarantees success 

This level of expertise places us in a position to recommend promising international retail concepts to our clients. It also helps us to implement our clients’ plans in new regions. Once a retail location has been selected in the European region , we identify the ideal retail property for the relevant requirements and budget. Our transaction teams also work hand-in-hand with our cross-border teams to negotiate the best possible contract terms.

Global transaction services in the retail sector

With 450 retail experts in over 60 countries, we are ideally positioned to provide strategic advice on cross-border retail projects and transactions. We draw up expansion strategies for international retail concepts and help our clients find suitable space to drive their growth plans in the countries, cities, neighbourhoods and retail pitches concerned. We know where retail projects are planned and can identify locations which will be particularly attractive and lucrative over the long term. This allows us to develop promising retail strategies which open up new opportunities for our clients.

  • Developing partnerships with investors, landlords and occupiers
  • Detailed knowledge of our clients’ business models
  • Superb network at global and local level 
  • International retail concepts and retail strategies 
  • Best possible contract terms 
  • Close co-operation between cross-border and transaction teams
  • Optimal retail properties to satisfy specific requirements and budgets

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