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Rental & Property Bookkeeping and Accounting

CBRE’s comprehensive real estate bookkeeping and accounting services offer its clients a reliable basis for decision-making.


Reliable basis for decision-making

Besides property and company bookkeeping and accounting, professional real estate accounting includes service charge management and, ideally, credit control. The use of digital tools is indispensable to handle all processes efficiently – all the more so when it comes to entire portfolios with an international element.

The requirements facing modern real estate accounting are much more demanding today than a few years ago. Accounting provides a reliable database and delivers important insights to enable owners to make informed operational and strategic decisions. Professional real estate accounting requires efficient processes in conjunction with digital tools, as well as experience and knowledge in real estate management. To this should be added client focus in analysing, preparing and supplying the data.

Professional services for realising client goals

Our comprehensive service package for the active and value-oriented management of real estate and portfolios for domestic and international clients includes all the services which make up modern real estate accounting. Our professional bookkeeping and accounting services create the basis for increasing the value of real estate. This applies as much to office and residential assets as to retail, logistics, hotel and shopping centre properties. Our skilled experts work with the best possible platform and technology to address clients’ specific needs and realise their real estate management goals.

Fulfilling clients’ wishes with innovative tools

As an experienced and accomplished real estate service provider, we focus on our clients’ individual needs. Our bookkeeping and accounting services provide clients with valuable insights and a sound basis for making decisions. This is an important criterion, particularly in a fast-moving age with frequent shifts in the market and especially for real estate portfolios. To achieve the most efficient and automated processes possible, we rely on innovative tools for, for example, invoice processing or online payments. Our teams of experts are familiar with numerous accounting systems, including our clients’ own preferred software platforms. We also host client data on request and process it in a secure IT environment.

  • Property bookkeeping and accounting: property bookkeeping and accounting for our clients’ real estate is one of the services in which we are market leaders. A few examples of the services we provide are posting accounts receivable, accounts payable and general ledger accounts, and accruals and deferrals. We produce accurate reports on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis in accordance with banking requirements. We also work for BaFin-regulated companies and manage their real estate.
  • Corporate accounting: our real estate accounting services include corporate accounting. We post corporate expenses for special purpose vehicles (SPVs), process payment transactions and are responsible for cash management and reporting. We can also provide international corporate accounting services for our clients through our global CBRE network.
  • Service charge management: reliable and detailed service charge accounting, reconciliation and preparation, as well as service charge analysis, are among our central real estate accounting services. We check service charge reconciliations for tenants who have rented properties at different locations across the country. If required, we can take over communications with the owners and prepare professional service charge reconciliations.
  • Credit control: we also offer debt collection services for real estate accounting purposes. In order to pursue a demand for rent it is usually necessary to engage a debt collection service provider – not with us: we also assume responsibility for the whole of the claims management process . This includes permanent debt monitoring, personal discussions with tenants, instalment payment agreements and legally binding acknowledgements of debt.

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