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Letting retail properties

CBRE’s teams know the retail real estate market inside out, which is why they are so effective when it comes to lettings.  

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Understanding the sector and enhancing value

Retail is a dynamic sector: tenant rollover, new sales strategies and urban development initiatives keep the market moving. Anyone looking to score points with their property needs comprehensive advice down to the minutest detail. 

A letting strategy must also be tailored to the right end customers - after all, city-centre retail involves different sales strategies from retail parks or supermarkets on greenfield sites. As a specialist service provider for commercial real estate, how do we proceed?

First, we rely on a comprehensive database, which is constantly updated and provides information on lettings, leases and rents in the local area - including possible changes resulting from supply and demand in the retail market. We also continuously exchange information with investors, commercial property owners and leading retailers. 

Comprehensive advice and brokerage

 This forms the basis for a well-founded analysis. It is the cornerstone of an optimised letting strategy, which benefits owners, developers and occupiers alike. For example, we negotiate new lease conditions for our clients, amend existing contracts, and develop an efficient exit strategy if required. 

We can offer you a comprehensive advisory and agency service – for every type of retail property.

Factors for success when letting retail property 

  1. Continual exchange of ideas: our letting specialists talk to major retailers every day about issues relating to national and international expansion, new retail concepts and current retail trends. Our clients benefit from this knowledge when it comes to new locations and achievable rents.
  2. Optimal configuration: how should space be configured to enhance the property’s value? We provide our clients with a reliable answer to this question. The layout matches the retailer’s requirements and ensures long-term affordable rents.
  3. Pin-point marketing: we will develop holistic marketing concepts for your property, including the retail and sales concept.
  4. Comprehensive risk management: our experts are familiar with the legal aspects of retail letting and know what matters when negotiating leases, for example. We help with mediation should disagreements or legal disputes arise. This avoids or reduces the (financial) risks of litigation.

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