Demand for industrial and logistics properties in the real estate sector has increased significantly. As a result of the rapid growth in online trading and the high order volume in the German export economy, demand for logistics spaces and storage/production areas has increased notably in the last decade. The effects of developments in information and production technology in this sector of real estate illustrate just how quickly and comprehensively economic and technical shifts can provoke changes in the scale of demand for this type of property. CBRE’s marketing achieves the best long-term results for owners, users and landlords, and our internationally networked specialists use their detailed market insight to ensure successful marketing of our clients’ properties, even under difficult circumstances.

Comprehensive Consultancy

We advise investors, owners and property users in the run-up to property developments about the marketing opportunities for logistics spaces such as storage and production areas. Our logistics sector clients receive qualified consultancy regarding location, distribution networks and real estate strategy for a variety of logistics properties. Our consultancy and analysis (based on our own market analysis and evaluation of our databases) reveal the rents and contract durations that would be realistic for a property with regard to its location and the market in question. 

Connection to our Global Network

Globally connected, locally engaged: our European network alone consists of around 40 Industry and Logistics teams in around 25 countries. This allows us to support and advise our clients around the world on their storage and logistics spaces. Our worldwide teams can help with your marketing strategy in the event of changes to your company’s global alignment or recommend experienced experts from our CBRE network.

Marketing of Logistics Spaces/Storage and Production Areas

Our specialists precisely formulate an individualized marketing strategy for the storage and production spaces and target groups of our clients. We take time during property appraisal and consultancy to precisely process the characteristics and advantages of the property so that it can be matched as closely as possible to a suitable potential user. From there, we develop a real estate strategy with the most flexible and economically efficient solutions for the space in question, which is then carefully implemented in the marketing stage to support our clients during negotiations with prospective renters or buyers. 

Using our network and our comprehensive market analysis, we find suitable prospective renters or buyers for any logistics space – from distribution properties and handling facilities to warehouses – and we support our clients in the marketing and leasing of their logistics spaces. Thanks to our market insight and our day-to-day experience, we are very familiar with the needs and requirements of property users for their logistics spaces. This means that we are the best choice when it comes to representing the interests of owners, users and landlords of this highly specialized type of property. 
We provide consultancy for all queries related to the professional marketing of logistics spaces and storage and production areas. Take advantage of our expertise and our international network to achieve the best possible results when leasing logistics spaces or storage and production areas.  
Brokerage, marketing and project development of logistics spaces
Industrial and Logistics

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